Our Breakthrough Council advises and inspires us on the steps to improve our own value creation capabilities. The council acts as a platform for the next level questions for business and society that we and our clients are confronted with.

ELP has to remain at the forefront of developments in relevant domains, in order to service our clients well. At the same time, we want to ‘participate in these developments’ by connecting to the right people, organisations, research and themes, and providing a platform for the important conversations, and the next level questions society, leadership and organisations need to ask themselves.

The council is our sparring partner in the newest developments, in research, in next generation practices and in leading-edge tools.

Who is holding up your mirror?

The Breakthrough Council consists of leading edge experts with a pan-European and global outlook. The council is chaired by Professor Paul Verdin, co-founder of ELP, seasoned adviser to business and governments and connected to leading academic institutions in Europe and the US.