Are you passionate about maximising the potential of both people and businesses? Are you creative and customer focused and would you like to accelerate the growth of our organisation by managing our content and projects? Then we are looking for you.


ELP is a boutique advisory network that partners with executive teams in helping them realise new ways to create and to capture value. ELP is built on the experience and research indicating that successful organisations are purposeful communities that move together, to create more, better and new value every day, and capture it. We are connectors of people and ideas in an ever more complex, digital and diverse landscape, we work with the leaders and teams in the organisation to build a business for and with (more) value(s).

Since 2001, the ELP teams have co-designed and realised a wide range of breakthrough projects and interventions, each tailored to the specific needs and characteristics of our clients. Today we serve clients ranging from family businesses, private equity, fast growing niche players to leading European and Fortune 500 companies, in developing direction, cohesion and action for today’s and tomorrow’s success.

Since 2015, we not only support specific client organisations on their specific opportunities and issues, we also started an initiative called WINext, that aims to, connect the intelligence from across organisations and industries, and builds a track where senior find breakthrough paths to new ways of value creation on shared topics, on a peer-2-peer basis.

The ELP approach is brought to life by teams sourced from our global ELP network: this network consists of like-minded people that combine business experience and savvy with organisational development and behavioural sensitivity. We are creative designers, passionate movers and determined tinkerers.

About the role

ELP aims to combine the best of consulting rigor, of creative campaigning, of academic robustness, and of team and executive coaching, all brought together in and from an international network organisation and community. We work from different locations and in different set ups, and use our offices in Leuven and Rotterdam, and of our network partners. Mobility is therefore part of the job.

We have the ambition to grow for more impact (in more client organisations). To set up our teams for success now and in the future, we are looking for someone to join our core ELP team, and work in the team that leads and supports our operations. We are looking for somebody who enjoys accelerating the growth of our organisation, for someone who is willing and capable to grow with us and is willing to invest the time and energy to do so.

We’re looking for someone who is passionate about maximizing the potential of both people and businesses, someone who initiates action, takes decisions and implements accordingly, in close coordination with the partners and operations team. Someone who can keep an eye on the big picture, but does not lose sight of the details; who has a range of skills which are applied to make sure that the diverse teams and professionals contribute the best of their knowledge and experience. Someone who can independently integrate the content generated, who is capable of taking the input from the client briefing, our team’s brainstorm, and the ELP repertoire of intellectual property into tailored client proposals and presentations, targeted at executive level.

Activities and responsibilities

The profile we are looking for

You are familiar with working in a dynamic and fast-growing organisation. In person we seek someone who is open and easily accessible. You are willing to help colleagues in a natural way and do not mind to take up tasks outside of your job, in the spirit of being successful together. You are eager to learn and further develop. You are able to work with what is there, and to anticipate deadlines. You are a strong communicator that connects well with people, on an intellectual and human level.

The competences we value

This is a full time position and you will be working from different locations: from home, Leuven, Eindhoven, Utrecht, Rotterdam, Breda and on location at the customer.

If you would like to know more about this position or if you would like to apply, please contact Aranka Zondag ( or +31654625372)