For us successful organisations are purposeful communities that move together to create new, more and better value every day.

The research and experience on which we build our vision indicate that there is a ‘law of gravity’ at work in all organisations and that the more successful ones anticipate and react more timely and better than others to this tendency to ‘fall from  paradise’.

A majority of those who lead tend to stick to old patterns of success too long, wrongly thinking they ‘own’ success, they are ‘the masters of their universe’ or they simply are afraid – or don’t know how to – change the way of doing things.


For us the essence, literally the ‘smell of the place’, of a WINner – an organisation successfully moving to ‘What Is Next’ – is cultural and almost philosophical.

A WINning organisation is a community where its leadership and the people under their caring & daring influence radiate modesty, connectedness as well as wholeness and a ‘lust’ to keep growing themselves, their teams and their relationship with clients.

They enjoy an on-going growth process of learning and renewal. They have practices in place and develop their capabilities to transpose and to focus their learning into improved or fundamentally innovated value creation for their (next generation) customers.

They realise there is no fixed prescription or model to success and that there is no single source of orientation to find ‘the way.

Their transformative compass is their ‘why’, the purpose they are aligned on and which directs the core of their business. Their ‘how’ and ‘what’ – their operating model & operating culture – are continuously adapted through ‘execution-as-learning’.

How do you rehearse the future?

WINning organisations bring together the the different elements that constitute their capability to create value in a positive flow.