Every scale-up is a unique story in which many elements, including luck, play a role.

At ELP, we have designed a high impact and effective WINext programme for scale-up businesses to accelerate and capture their value creation. Drawing on our vast global experience in sectors including technology, health, energy and much more, we will bring the right configuration of knowledge, practices, talents, and tools to provide valuable scale-up lessons and insights in a trusted and challenging peer to peer ecosystem. 

WINext is a high-speed learning ecosystem in which practical new insights are developed by connecting intelligence across borders. It was created and powered by a growing need for a structured inspiration and pathfinding approach to develop new, pattern breaking, creative and unique directions for value creation and capturing.

The Scale Up program kicks off on November 14th, 2017. More WINext programmes are scheduled to start in 2018.

If you are interested to join one of our next programmes or if you would like to discuss how we can help you grow your business, please contact Jeroen Beumer. 

 Please follow us to explore accelerated scale-up techniques deeper in our future posts.

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