ELP’s Breakthrough Studio supports the design and development of ‘breakthrough interventions’ helping organisations to find and realise new ‘outside inspired’ directions for innovation, growth and organisational renewal.

The studio creates an environment for dialogue and interactions where tools, techniques, know-how and experience from the world of management, business schools, science and the performing arts are combined, helping organisations and their leaders to co-create sustainable growth in volatile and complex business environments.

Sessions organised by the Breakthrough Studio are targeted at creating a safe and free space for senior leaders to understand the breadth and depth of the breakthroughs they need realise, and design the steps to succeed in going from seeing and understanding the breakthrough(s) to  achieving their needed breakthrough(s).

When to call on the Breakthrough Studio?

Or when you intuitively think/believe a structured inspiration session with outside minds could help you address your current issues/themes/topics.

How does it work?

Together with you, we frame the questions you would like to have answered in the breakthrough session in our intake meeting. Based on this and on the people you’d like to participate in the session we propose a team from our network that we jointly agree would bring valuable insights/inspiration for the issues/themes/topics you want to address. We organise a one-day session which we prepare together with you. The Breakthrough Studio team hosts the session and debriefs the outcomes with you. The results/outcomes can be such that you can go on working with them yourself, or that ELP could support you through our advisory solutions or our WINext pathfinding offer.

Prepared to look up?

‘When his ship first came to Australia, Cook wrote,

the natives continued fishing, without looking up.

Unable, it seems, to fear what was too large to be comprehended.’

(Jane Hirshfield, poet and essayist)

Araz Najarian Araz Najarian at ELP Network

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Aranka Zondag Aranka Zondag

Aranka is an expert in connecting people and is passionate about supporting organisations in a changing environment

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