Our main capability is to ‘move’ your organisation. We help to set new directions, on all levels of the organisation, and to move operating model and operating culture in line with the aspired purpose & strategy.

Leading edge methods and approaches

We work with, and integrate, leading edge methods and approaches and continue to be inspired by different thinkers and practitioners in the fields of technology, leadership, strategy, organisational development, marketing, sociology, psychology and the arts.

Realising the aspired value creation

Our knowledge of these methods and approaches allow us to act as an integrator.

We cover the core disciplines of leadership: setting direction, building cohesion, developing business model, structure, process and systems required as well as engaging your people and teams with the joint purpose and with the behaviour and (inter)actions needed to realise the aspired value creation.

Giving a new meaning to learning in action

We bring outside inspiration but build as much as possible on internal resources and experience, giving a new meaning to learning in action. We are pragmatic and always aim to create the most effective architecture for your renewal, growth or transformation initiative.

Finding the solution inside or outside?

Building on relevant experience

Our designs and the methods and tools we use are brought to life, together with you, by ELP teams composed of senior and experienced people. They have relevant experience in senior leadership positions, with designing and managing transformations, with the dynamics in boards and in organisations. For each intervention we stage the most appropriate – multidisciplinary and experienced – team that works closely together with your teams.

Breakthroughs that resonate

We realise breakthroughs through tailored approaches that will continue to resonate with your staff.

Designers, tinkerers and movers for value creation