Organisations only survive over the long term if they renew themselves. Preparing and guiding the organisation in this renewal process is probably the ultimate test of a leader. And in the current volatile and complex environment, more leaders than ever are more urgently than ever confronted with this challenge.

Connecting the disciplines

We at ELP help leaders, their teams and their organisations to connect the different elements and disciplines needed for renewed and sustained value creation. Putting the pieces together and, even more important, bringing them into a positive and interactive flow, moving to What Is Next in an engaging, mobilising and result oriented way.

The three disciplines
The three disciplines

Reframing & rebalancing

Building on the research of our founders around the question why some organisations are more sustainable successful than others, we help organisations to ‘reframe’ the way they create and capture value.

Value creation & capturing framework
Value creation & capturing framework

Breaking through to these new ways of value creation and value capturing asks for rebalancing the strategic, the structural and the cultural disciplines in the organisation, in an integrative, simultaneous and collaborative way.

Being in the learning zone, exploring the unknown, moving to ‘what is next’, asks for an open mind, looking across borders of doing, thinking and acting. Sustainable success, moving to value creation that is (more) in line with purpose & shared meaning, (more) tailored to the problems and demands of customers and society, (more) inspiring for the stakeholders involved and bringing (more) return for investors, employees and future investments, asks for an increased capacity for ‘execution-as-learning’ and dealing with uncertainty and ambiguity.

What powers are you unleashing?

Accelerating your realisation flywheel

We help to get your ‘realisation flywheel – your capability to face reality, decide, act, achieve and learn – get unstuck, start moving and accelerating.

Realisation flywheel
Realisation flywheel

When moving from ‘what is’ towards ‘what is next’ – together giving a new meaning to WINning for your organisation and its people – we start with:

Never ceasing exploration

It is this never ceasing exploration and development attitude and the ability to keep looking at yourself, your team, your organisation as if you see the place for the first time; this is what distinguishes sustainable WINners from those that make themselves victim of their own ‘law of gravity’, holding too tightly and for too long to the patterns that brought success in the past.

Get (kick)started together

It is not easy to get a stuck ‘realisation flywheel’ (kick)started on your own. And when started to keep it moving and make it accelerate. New ways to value creation and the connected ways of deciding, acting and learning are not adopted and demonstrated overnight. Challenges, pressures and urgencies in the daily business may trigger a return to and rely on old behaviour. That is why we work with the leaders and teams themselves, on assessing, on their team compasses, on concrete goals with short feedback loops (90 day plans, co-created objectives & key results) and regular ‘pulse checks’ (allowing them to check in, reflect and review in order to be agile in learning and adjusting).

Architecting your growth

We see ourselves as ‘architects of ‘spaces’ for growth and renewal. We work in partnership with you to realise your aspirations for the future and we start from the territory –  purpose, strategy, structure, culture and performance – that is already in place. We aim to understand your aspirations and needs, constraints and limitations, and to guide you in making the decisions that realise the environment you want and need. We interact with you to design the blueprint, we work with you to realise the design, and translate it into tangible actions (at all relevant levels). We help you throughout the construction process to get your realisation flywheel accelerating.