We start with aligning on the core objectives. Based on a joint assessment of the state of your value creation & value capturing capabilities. Co-creating the design for the breakthrough interventions and bringing the team together most appropriate for the challenges ahead. Executing the agreed steps within the agreed timeframe and budget and finally capturing the results and lessons learned.

Getting you in your flow

Our interventions can cover a wide range or focus on the area where your capabilities to create value need immediate and special attention. We always make sure the pieces fit together and that a new balance of value creation elements is created, bringing the organization into a new and positive flow.

Analysing & Assessing

Looking at your ‘as is state’, looking at relevant aspects of the value creation process in your organisation in such a way that by working on this together we already start the aspired transformation.

Purpose & Business Alignment

Bringing the big energiser ‘Purpose’ fully to life in all your core activities aimed at value creation. Accelerating the development of operating model & operating culture towards this alignment.

Me/We framework
Me/We framework

Direction Setting & Road mapping

Co-creating direction, aspiration, identity and positioning, enabling you to be the master of your own destiny by choosing your own position, rather than being positioned. Unlocking your strategising process. Find new opportunities for growth. Make it happen in real life and not just on paper. Reframing the business model in the face of market changes.

Organisational Development & Implementation

Adapting structure, governance and decision-making. Co-designing and building effective teams, platforms and communities that provide powerful leadership and are dedicated and connected. Becoming more innovative, customer oriented and agile. Staying connected and focused. Realise integration between merged organisations. Making sure cost cutting and optimisation programmes are aligned with renewal and innovation efforts.

Cultural & Behavioral Change

Building patterns of behaviour that encourage the climate we want and need. Inspiring and engaging people to make things happen, to feel proud of being a part of a whole, to take action and to believe. To make the aspiration and strategy real and to deliver on your promise at all levels of the organisation.

What Patterns do you see?

Developing Leaders and Teams

Setting leaders and teams up for success and supporting strong individuals as they build a high-performance community. Coaching in the context of the real challenges ahead. Improving the quality of interpersonal and intrapersonal leadership. Fostering collaboration. Building interactions that add value and build energy, which flourish and enable achievement; allowing people to do and be their best. Getting new teams kick started. Keeping existing teams on high performance trajectories.

Developing New Growth Paths & Eco-systems

Getting inspiration in a structured and engaging way for your new value creation & value-capturing framework. Making sure the – technological & market – developments around you are signaled, harvested and transposed into your business plans and your customers experience. Building lasting eco-systems, connecting you, your suppliers, your clients and their clients in transformational relationships.

Scaling Up

Accelerating implementation of best practices. Developing and implementing roadmaps for fast growth trajectories. Preparing and equipping your leaders to manage fast growth. Making sure your organisation is the magnet it needs to be to attract the talent you need for scaling up.

Realising the transformation

Making sure the aspired transformation of your customer focused value creation and connected operating model & operating culture are realised. At all levels. Connecting all the different initiatives, efforts and teams. Building one story, one journey and one movement.