ELP is an experienced partner in finding, designing and implementing new ways to create and to capture value. Helping you to renew and to anticipate. Staying relevant in changing markets, technology and social fabrics.


With you, from inside

Together with you we assess, improve, rebuild and develop your potential to create value for customers and through them for stakeholders and society.

We work with the energy and people inside, and inspire with learnings and insights from outside. Connecting intelligence across borders of silos, organisations, sectors and ways of thinking and behaving.

We help to find new directions, to build engagement & cohesion and to learn in action. We challenge, inspire, guide and support. Leaving behind an increased potential to create value going forward.

Research based

The research of the founders of ELP (at INSEAD, Solvay Business School and KU Leuven) learns that thriving organisations – regardless of the economic cycle or the industry or sector they are in – are capable to find and restore the virtuous flow between their capabilities to create value for customers and their capabilities to capture this value for shareholders, employees and future investments.

Value Creation & Capturing Framework
Value Creation & Capturing Framework

This flow becomes vicious when the constituting elements for successful value creation and capturing are not balanced and aligned. The strategic, structural and cultural ‘pieces’ of the organisations have to be brought together, simultaneous (not sequential) and collaborative (engaging all involved).

Purpose & business

For us purpose is the big energiser of your business, inspiring ‘me & we’, helping to build the clarity and safety needed for ongoing ‘execution-as-learning’ and for renewal of your value proposition and your potential to safeguard continuity by monetising it.

Architecting your growth

We help to put the pieces together. Starting from what is there – purpose, strategy, structure, culture, performance as well as needs and aspirations. We help to map, explore, design your new ‘space’ for growth and renewal, help to build it and make sure we leave behind an environment that keeps moving in the ‘learning zone’.

Building on experience

Our designs and the methods and tools we use are brought to life, together with you, by ELP teams composed of senior and experienced people. They have relevant experience in senior leadership positions, with designing and managing transformations, with the dynamics in boards and in organisations. For each intervention we stage the most appropriate – multidisciplinary and experienced – team that works closely together with your teams.

Realising Breakthroughs

We realise breakthroughs through tailored approaches that will continue to resonate with your staff. Starting with aligning on core objectives and a joint assessment of your current state. Co-creating the design for the breakthrough interventions. In setting or focusing the direction of your business and positioning. In the transformation of the organisational design, leadership, culture or behaviour. In the engagement of people, connecting their ‘head, heart and hands’. And whatever the focus of the intervention, always making sure that the pieces fit and your value creation flow is restored or maintained.

Learning partnership

We started in 2001 as the ‘Executive Learning Partnership – Strategy & Learning Architects’.  Our approach has proved successful. Over the years we realised a wide range of breakthrough projects, each tailored to the specific needs of our clients.

Today we serve clients ranging from family businesses, private equity, fast growing niche-players to leading European and Fortune 500 companies. We operate through our global ELP Network of senior partners. Our activities are coordinated from our main offices in Belgium and The Netherlands.

Complementing our ELP Executive Support Work we have started in 2015 our WINext Path Finding & Inspiration Work.

Designers, tinkerers and movers

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