Accelerated learning to drive accelerated growth

Building a network to strengthen Scale Up Leadership

For leaders who want to assess where they are and move fast from there

For whom is the Scale Up Track designed?

Companies or business units that want to scale up, who have the ambition to double or triple their growth rates (aiming for a growth of minimal 20%) and who strive to become leaders in their market.

Entrepreneurs, founders, CEOs and executive team members who want to assess and grow their capabilities to create and to capture value and who want to tackle the specific issues and challenges related to scaling up their business.

Participants sharing the following values:

Value Creation and Capturing Framework
Value Creation and Capturing Framework

Assessing and addressing your major scale-up issues & questions

What is your position & where are you moving in your Value Creation & Value Capturing?

Being a magnet to customers, staff, suppliers & other stakeholders

How is your Purpose enabling you to be a magnet?

What is the strength or vulnerability of your current business model?

Do you have the capabilities to scale up?

What is your roadmap to scale up?

WINext Scale Up Leadership Advisory Board members


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Jeroen Beumer Jeroen Beumer Managing Partner at WINext

Jeroen is an entrepreneurial business driver and experienced general manager specialized in bringing companies and startups to what is next.

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Araz Najarian Araz Najarian Programme Director at ELP

As a designer of business and organisational transformation, Araz thrives on enabling individuals and organisations to tap into insightful incites to discover and set a course towards realising their aspiration in a connected world.

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