The scale up challenge

“What got you here, won’t get you there!” Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn)

We believe that scaling up and accelerating growth, requires you to continuously improve the value you create for customers and commercially capture that value.

The WINext Scale Up Network was developed by us, for ambitious leaders and leadership teams who want to move in pattern breaking, creative and unique directions for value creation and value capturing.

This requires being in touch with your customers, identifying changes and new opportunities, prioritising your decision making, being agile and anchoring your learnings.

The WINext Scale Up Executive Track

We offer the WINext Scale Up Executive Track as part of WINext’s mission to help you identify future growth paths to deliver (more) value, to more customers, faster. It is a unique, tailor-made track designed for entrepreneurs who have successfully validated their business model and are ready for ‘what comes next’.

Our WINext Scale Up Executive Track addresses and integrates the core structural, behavioral and leadership aspects of your company by applying the latest insights from our world leading thinkers from Harvard Business School and INSEAD.

In a peer-to-peer environment you will learn and get inspiration from other experienced executives that also want to move in pattern breaking directions to gain even greater competitive edge.

Our approach: Diagnostics and Learning



Peer-to-Peer Action Learning Journey
Peer-to-Peer Action Learning Journey


“In 2017, we joined WINext’s Scaling-Up programme – hands-on, challenging, interactive, motivating and highly inspiring sessions which:

We highly recommend every ambitious scale- or start-up to take part in the WINext programme!”

Wietse van den Bosch, Managing Director | Jack van der Heiden, Marketing and Sales Director | Hans Verduin, Finance Director | Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Harlingen


“The WINext Scale Up Network Executive Track has been a perfect combination of inspiration, conceptual and practical models and discussion about implementation amongst ourselves as a team and together with our peers. We had a very good group of peers with us in the journey which led to a good understanding amongst the group of the growth challenges we face and productive exchange of ideas. The cases shared were inspirational and we learned that most important for creating value is to make your own choices and do it in your own way.”

Tom Van den Heuvel, CEO | Anke Ulens, Growth Architect | Vivaldis Interim


“We highly recommend the WINext Scale Up Executive Track for leaders of fast-growing companies. The interactive exchanges with experienced entrepreneurs and executive coaches offered simple, yet powerful models to sharpen our focus. The links and integration in the programme content made it very interesting and relevant to our challenges. There was flexibility to adapt to questions/ topics/ format as they emerged from the group and to not push an ideal model of scale-up leadership, rather principles for how to create trust, ownership and responsibility with the people we lead. In our view, the experience is a higher-level value than other more well-known strategy and leadership programmes.”

Frédéric de Gucht, CEO | Wim van de Wiele, CFO | Sprimoglass

Useful Information:

The WINext Scale Up Executive Track is an initiative of ELP Network and Chris Lebeer.

ELP Network is a boutique advisory firm supporting companies in identifying, accelerating and anchoring new ways of value creation and value capturing. ELP serves clients ranging from family businesses, private equity, fast-growing niche-players to leading European and Fortune 500 companies, as well as governmental agencies and NGOs.