‘We shall not cease from exploration and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.’ (T.S. Eliot, poet)

New technologies, new social fabrics and new connections across traditional borders of industries and ways of thinking and working, have a tremendous impact on existing organisations and create enormous new opportunities. Identifying your future growth path requires building new eco-systems and new ways of learning as an integral part of your organisations ‘experience’.

OUTside INspiration has been part of ELP’s breakthrough-methodology from the start. Over the years we have developed a range of network approaches to make organisations ‘creating movers’: Learning Expeditions, Business Safaris, Connected Intelligence Communities, Outside Inspired Growth Tracks and Shared Innovation Projects to identify and achieve ‘What Is Next’ together with you.

While working on these projects we realised there is a growing need for a structured inspiration and pathfinding approach to developing new, pattern breaking, creative and unique directions for value creation and capturing.

We combined our complementary know-how and experience in academia (INSEAD, Harvard, Leuven), media (Wall Street Journal, European Business Press), events & networking (TEDx, World Economic Forum, Dow Jones Conferences) and collaborative innovation and pathfinding in a wide range of industries (ELP). The result is WINext!

WINext is a series of structured steps:

Each WINext track is structured in such a way that ‘peers meet peers’.

Each track brings multi-layered results.

A WINext track can be tailored to the specific demands of a single client.

A WINext track can also be structured by teams coming from different organisations that work together on the breakthrough issue that matters for them all.

Getting out of the ‘insurance-box’.

Bringing the top-100 of a leading European insurance company in a structured dialogue with peers from selected companies. Getting inspired and learn in peer-to-peer conversations about do’s & don’ts in shared innovation, big data usage, transforming cultures, partnership building, innovating product lines in close interaction with customers, e-marketing and more. Co-creating an ‘OUTside-INspired Growth Report’ and generating a movement from inside towards new ways of value creation.

Inspiration across ‘agri-boundaries’

A small but fast-growing multinational in agri-business with a CEO having the wisdom and strength to articulate the crucial boardroom question – what is next in our value creation and value capturing? – at a moment when there seemed to be no urge for this. Having seen the first wave of digital technology laying the foundation for internet infrastructure and the second wave building applications on top of it (e-commerce, social media, search), this CEO realised that the third wave (internet-of–things, machine learning) will embed these technologies into virtually all sectors of the economy including his. How to prepare? Which new capabilities to develop? We co-designed learning expeditions in Europe and the US, set up inspirational sessions where, in an interactive way, new growth opportunities and paths were identified and articulated.

Leading the ‘finance-pack’

Bringing 150 executives and future leaders from the finance industry together to set direction – in a collaborative, sharing and interactive way – and to find inspiration & new angles for a more sustainable way of value creation for customers and society. Those who acted on it are now leading the pack.

WINext Tracks


Contact: Jeroen Beumer, beumer@winextrack.com, +31 (0) 6 55 82 36 58.